Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance



1.       SOP of responsibilityof Q.A in rejection.

2.       SOP for handlingreturned/ rejected goods.

3.       SOP for reprocess ofAPI or Intermediate

4.       SOP for calibrationof Instruments in Production and Quality Control.

5.       SOP for Procedurechange control.

6.       SOP on SOP in a Pharmaceutical Industry.

7.       SOP for changing an SOP.

8.       SOP of sanitation in pharmaceutical industry.

9.       SOP of weekly cleaning.

10.    SOP of monthly maintenance or cleaning.

11.    SOP of change room.

12.    SOP of Dettol preparation.

13.    SOP of hand wash.

14.    SOP for sampling & release of in-process samples.

15.    SOP for evaluation of analyst’s performance.

16.    SOP for preparation of rejection note.

17.    SOP for destruction of rejected materials.

18.    SOP for destruction of control samples (raw material & finished product).

19.    SOP for destroying the in-process, finished product and RM samples timely 

       after testing.

20.    SOP of entry procedure for workers.

21.    SOP of exit procedure for workers.

22.    SOP of entry procedure for executives

23.    SOP of exit procedure for executives

24.    SOP of entry procedure for visitors.

25.    SOP of exit procedure for visitors.

26.    SOP of entry procedure in microbiology section.

27.    SOP of exit procedure in microbiology section.

28.    SOP for installation, operational and performance qualification of 

        Equipment / Instruments

29.    SOP for Qualification of facility/ Equipments/ Systems.

30.    SOP for issue, entry, review & control of batch manufacturing records.

31.    SOP for batch re-processing

32.    SOP of Role of Q.A

33.    SOP for allocating document protocol number for instrument qualification.

34.    SOP for allocating identification number to instruments / equipments.

35.    SOP for security register for incoming material (RM/PM) 


  1. SOP for Qualification of facility/ Equipments/ Systems. Kindly Share these SOPs because these are not opening

  2. Great job, I hope u active the rest of SOP's , thanks brother.

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