USP 2023 pdf (United State Pharmacopeia 46 - NF 41)

In this post you find USP 2023 pdf (United State Pharmacopeia 46 - NF 41) latest version of every single monograph and separate General Chapter of all. 

USP 46 - NF 41

USP 2023 pdf (United State Pharmacopeia 44 - NF 41) is a merger of two different compendia, the USP United States Pharmacopeia & NF (FORMULARY National). It contains standards for drugs, medicinal substances, biological, dosage forms, compound preparation, excipients medical devices, food supplements, and other therapeutics. The current version of the USPNF standard that is considered official by USP can be enforced by Food and Drug Administration for drugs produced and marketed in the United States. You can easily download pdf or study online for free easily. You can also download all the USP 2023 pdf (United State Pharmacopeia 46 - NF 41) latest version in zip file size of 500mb

USP 2023 pdf (United State Pharmacopeia 46 - NF 41)
United State Pharmacopeia 2023 pdf(USP 46 - NF 41)

USP 2023 pdf Monographs

Monographs meaning in pharmacopeia to represent the names, specifications, definitions and other requirements related with packaging, storage, and labeling. Specifications contains of procedures, tests and acceptance of criteria that help ensure identity, strength, quality, and purity articles. For general requirements related to specific monograph parts, see section 5, monograph components.

Because monographs may not provide standards for all relevant characteristics, some official substances can comply with USP or NF standards but different in connection with non-standard nature

which is relevant to its use in specific preparation. To ensure interchangeability in such circumstances, users may want to ensure equality of FUND function or determine these characteristics before use.

In this pdf format, you find a pdf of every Drug monograph like given below. Every pdf of the Monograph contain the following:-


General Chapters

Every general chapter is assigned a number that appears in Angbrackets adjacent to the name of the chapter (eg chromatography)

  • General chapters can contain the following:
  • Description of tests and procedures for applications through monographs in dividual,
  • Specifications and Descriptions of practices & conditions for pharmaceutical compounding,
  • General information for interpretation of compendation requirements,
  • Description of general pharmaceutical storage, dispensin and packaging practice, or
  • General guidance for manufacturers of official substances or ficial products.

When the general chapter is referenced in the monograph, the acceptance criteria can be presented after the large intestine.

Some chapters can function as an overview of Introduction to Exam or analytical techniques. They can refer other general chapters that contain techniques, procedure details, and, sometimes, acceptance criteria.


Monographs are used in pharmacopeia to denote names, descriptions, definitions, and other specifications pertaining to labeling, storage, and packaging. The procedures, tests, and acceptance of criteria contained in specifications help to ensure the identity, strength, quality, and purity of the products. See section 5, "Monograph components," for general specifications relating to various monograph components. Some official substances may comply with USP or NF standards but differ due to their non-standard nature, which is relevant to their use in a particular preparation, because monographs may not provide standards for all relevant characteristics. Users may want to confirm the equality of the FUND function or establish these characteristics before use to ensure interchangeability in such circumstances. You can find a pdf of each drug monograph listed below in this format. 

Every pdf of the Monograph contain the following:

1. Definition

2. Identification

3. Assay

4. Impurities

5. Specific Test

6. Additional Requirements

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