Daily Hygiene Chart for Employee in Pharmaceuticals Industry

One of the most crucial aspects of the pharmaceutical sector is personnel hygiene. One of the causes of product contamination in the pharmaceutical sector may be a failure to maintain employee hygiene.
The list of things to keep in mind when working in the pharmaceutical industry is as follows.

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To maintain  procedure for daily Hygiene Chart for Employee in Pharmaceuticals Industry.


This is applicable to all the personnel, employees and visitors of the pharmaceutical industry.


Executives, office staff, engineers, workers, and visitors.


Head of the Department.

Check List & Rules:

  • Do not eat and drink into the manufacturing area.
  • Do not smoke into the premises.
  • Do not Split into the premises.
  • Wear Apron and person protective equipment when entering into the Manufacturing Plant.
  • Wear the dedicate footwear or shoo cover while entering in the plant.
  • Wear the hand gloves.
  • Hair cap is compulsory while entering into the plant
  • Hair and nail shall be cut properly.
  • Jewelry and cosmetics are strictly prohibited.
  • Uniform and apron should be clean.
  • Hand shall be washed after eating and using the washroom.
  • Food and other material shall not b store into the premises it shall be stored into the dedicated Place outside the manufacturing area.
  • Clothes shall be cleaned and neat. Should not have more pockets into the apron it increases the chances of the contamination.
  • Cloth shall be clean and disinfectant regularly.
  • The person who feels ill and not feeling well should not be allowed into the manufacturing area.
  • Person who suffering from the coughing sneezing shall not be allowed in manufacturing area.
  • Person who has cut, wound or any infection shall not be allowed into the manufacturing area.

Daily Hygine Chart

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Employee Name





Personnel Hygiene



















































































































































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