Exit Procedure for Executives from Pharmaceuticals Plant

Standard operating procedure of Exit Procedure for Executives from Pharmaceuticals Plant before leaving. 

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To lay down a procedure of exit for Executives working in Pharmaceutical Plant.

2.0 SCOPE:

This is applicable to all the executives working in the plant.


3.1 Doing: All concerned Executive entering in respective department.

3.2 Checking: Executive/ Officers of Production, QC& QA.


4.1 Head of Quality Assurance Department.



5.1.1 Production, QC& QA Executive enters into the exit change room.

5.1.2 Press the push button of door interlock and enter into the air lock.

5.1.3 And then press the push button of door interlock and enter into the common change room.

5.1.4 Remove the cap, mask & apron and put in the specified bin.

5.1.5 Sitting on the step over bench, remove the plant sleepers and put it in locker provided.

5.1.6 Put your plant sleepers back into the white side box.

5.1.7 Sitting on the step over bench cross it over the other side.

5.1.8 Take out your street foot-wears from the grey side box and wear it.

5.1.9 Put off the laboratory dress or apron, plant clothes and hang in your specified locker, if it is not dirty. Put the dress in linen bin if the dress is dirty. Send all the dirty dress for washing every day.

5.1.10 Wear your outside clothes and other belongings from the respective lockers.

5.1.11 Use the wash room, wash and dry the hands.

5.1.12 Swap the card while leaving the change room.

5.1.13 Come out from the plant through reception exit door.

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