Entry Procedure for Worker in Pharmaceuticals Preimesis

Standard operating procedure of changing clothes for the workers before entering in Pharmaceutical Plant.

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To lay down a procedure of entry for workers in plant of production area.

2.0 SCOPE:

This is applicable to all the personnel or workers working in the production area change room of the Pharmaceutical industry.


3.1 Workers.


4.1 Head of Production Department.

4.2 Head of Quality Assurance Department.



5.1.1 Only authorized personnel are allowed to enter into the plant.

5.1.2 Swap the card into while entering the change room.

5.1.3 Enter the change room; firstly, keep the personnel belongings into the locker provided.

5.1.4 Sitting on the step over bench remove the street foot-wears & keep it in shoe locker provided in the grey side box of change room. While sitting on the step over bench it shall be crossed swinging the leg over the bench.

5.1.5 Wear the plant sleepers which are dedicated for white side of step over bench.

5.1.6 Enter into the wash area. Wash hands with liquid soap and dry with hand dryer.

5.1.7 Then attire, shall be put on in the following sequence: The outside clothes shall be removed, kept in locker. Wear colored jacket and then coloured trouser, accordingly. Tuck the shirt in the trouser. Put on socks and shoes dedicated for areas. Put on the coloured cap to completely cover hair and ears. Put on the mask. 

5.1.8 Observe yourself in the mirror and ensure that hair is completely covered under cap and properly gowned according to the demonstrated photographs.

5.1.9 Sanitized the hands with disinfectant.

5.1.10 Enter the plant corridor through the air lock.

5.1.11 From this corridor proceed to respective floor depending upon the nature of job. 

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