Changing Clothes for the Visitors Before Leaving Pharmaceutical Plant.

Standard operating procedure for Changing Clothes for the Visitors Before Leaving Pharmaceutical Plant. is describe in this post.

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To define a procedure for entry and changing of clothes in change room as a routine procedure in a pharmaceutical industry.


This is applicable to all the personnel, employees and visitors of the pharmaceutical industry.


Executives, office staff, engineers, workers, and visitors.


Head of the Department.




Shower each day before entry.

Control dermatitis and dandruff.

Do not smoke before or after entry.

No chewing gum or tobacco.

No cosmetics, jewelry or wrist watches should be worn.

Leave all personal items in changing room (wallets, keys, comb, etc).

Avoid coughing and sneezing if unavoidable leaves the clean room.

Do not move vigorously because brisk movements shed large particles from body movement.


Color coding of uniforms:

White: Production/ Office staff.

Sky blue: Quality control/ Quality assurance/ Office staff.

Off-white: Microbiology/ Office staff.

Brown: Engineering.

Steel grey: Warehouse.

Moss green/ disposable garments: Visitors.

Garments should be changed and washed once in a week.

Dress should be worn properly.

Visitors gown can be dispose of after use.

In emergency situation extra uniform or dress should be available for use.


Gown should be lint free and non-shedding.

Gown include jacket, trouser, cap face mask, beard or moustache cover, gloves, dedicated shoe and shoe covers, socks.

Gown should be worn properly.

After use should be placed in a proper bin.


Wash hands with liquid soap and dry with hand dryer at the entrance of change room.

Disinfect hands with 2.5% Dettol and enter into the change room

Sitting on the step over bench outside shoes shall be removed, and shoes dedicated for grey side of step over bench shall be put on.

The outside shoe shall be kept in the locker at the change area.

The outside clothes shall be removed, kept in locker.

Half sleeves T-shirt shall be put on.

The shoes dedicated for grey side of step over bench shall be kept in the grey side box of the step over bench before crossing it.

Sitting on the step over bench it shall be crossed swinging the leg over the bench.

The shoes dedicated for white side of step over bench shall be put on.

Then, attire shall be put on in the following sequence:

Put on the colored cap which is dedicated to each department accordingly, to completely cover hair and ears.

Wear colored jacket and then colored trouser, accordingly. Tuck the shirt in the trouser.

Put on socks and shoes dedicated for area.

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