Wash of Hands Before and After the Work in the Pharmaceutical Plant

Standard operating procedure to wash of hands before and after the work in the pharmaceutical plant.

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To lay down a procedure for hand washing before entering in working areas and after the work.

2.0 SCOPE:

This SOP shall be applicable to all the personnel of the departments of pharmaceutical industry, after using toilets, before starting any work and after leaving.


3.1 Doing: All personnel.

3.2 Checking: Executive/ Manager.


4.1 Head of the Department.


5.1 Wet hands with the water.

5.2 Put some liquid soap by using soap dispenser lying at respective side.

5.3 Produce lather. Be sure to wash the front and backs of the hands as well as in between the fingers.

5.4 Rub hands together for at least 20 to 30 seconds.

5.5 Rinse hands thoroughly with the help of water.

5.6 Dry hands with a mechanical hot dryer lying on respective side.

5.7 This SOP shall be followed after the gowning procedure as per SOP.

5.8 After using toilet, also wash hands as per above procedure.

5.9 After completion of work, also follow the same procedure. 

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