Pharmacokinetics Books

  • Clinical Pharmacokinetics Concepts and application (Malcolm Rowland) 
  • CONCEPTS IN CLINICAL PHARMACOKINETICS 4th ed. (Joseph T. DiPiro--William J. Spruill Pharm.D., FASHP--William E. Wade Pharm.D., FASHP--Robert A. Blouin) 
  • Pharmacokinetic (Philip Rowe) 
  • Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling and Simulation (Peter L. Bonate) 
  • PHARMACOKINETICS (Dr. N. A. Sheikh) 
  • Pharmacokinetics (Mrs. Kalaivani Sathish M. Pharm) 
  • Pharmacokinetics (Philip Rowe) 
  • Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics (Mark E. Tomlin)