BioPharmacokinetics And Pharmacokinetics a treatise (D.M. Brahmankar Sunil B. Jaiswal)


description of methods usually employed to enhance the bio availability of a drug front its formulation has been included at the end of chapter 12. In addition to covering various aspects of design of dosage regimens and application of pharmacokinetic principles in clinical situations, the text conta a final chapter on Controlled Release Medication to familiarize the students with the principles _involved in the · design of innovative formulations.

We feel that a concept is more readily appreciated and understood when illustrated by a simple figure or a table. In order to exemplify the text, illustrations have been used liberally throughout the book. At the end of every chapter, a set of questions including numerical have been provided. which are strategically designed to complement the text of each chapter and test the student's grasp of the text and their ability to analyze and solve problems. If this book can help to provide the reader with a clear understanding of the basic concepts of biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics, then we would consider our object as fulfilled.

We acknowledge the contribution of hundreds of scientists who are dedicated to improvement of drug therapy. We are also indebted to the authors of the various books and articles mentioned in bibliography which became a major source of information for writing this text. Special thanks are due to Professor W. A. Ritschel for his timely help and inspiration. We are also grateful to all those who helped in different ways during the preparation of this book especially for their support, encouragement and constructive criticism, particularly to our students for their suggestions. Further, we are appreciative of the publishers who graciously volunteered to make the publication of this book a reality.

Lastly, the authors would very much appreciate receiving critical suggestions for improvement and refinement of the text in future.

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