Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is used in Pharmaceuticals industry for Load the capsule and the material you want to fill, Separation of the capsule, Loading and filling empty capsules & Replacement of capsules by the body


  • Match formats of different sizes and fill # 000 ~ 4 # capsules.
  • The capsule is a size that fits the size.
  • It can complete the whole process of filling the capsule, adjusting the lid and bottom of the capsule, opening the lid and bottom, filling the powder, removing the unsuitable capsule, closing the capsule and completing the capsule ...
  • Complies with GMP standards and is not contaminated with dust. Save more powder material than semi-automatic capsule filler. Easy to clean; Capsule filler 000. New low chassis wear and improved design.
  • Chinese and foreign medicinal powders and granules can be packed.
  • Frequency control is safe and easy operation.
Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The operating principle of the semi-automatic capsule filler is simple and easy. as the name implies, these are both automated and manual processes.  

The key steps in the semi-automatic capsule filling process are:

1. Load the capsule and the material you want to fill

With the semi-automatic machine fully tuned and configured, perform a spot check to ensure that the machine meets the advertised performance specifications.

Place both capsules and powder / pellets in the appropriate hopper. The number of capsules and the amount of powder/pellets depend on the capacity of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine.

In this step, you can also program the machine via the HMI system according to your job needs.

2. Separation of the capsule

Empty capsules are moved from the hopper to the round capsule compartment.

The capsule tray consists of two parts. Here it holds one side of the body and the second part holds the cap.

Remove the capsules manually.

That is, remove the cap from the body.

This body exposes the empty capsule for the filling process.

Remember that the conveyor system moves the capsules in a circular motion during the filling process. Basically, this makes the filling process efficient and reduces material wastage.

3. Loading and filling empty capsules

The machine places the capsule body in the correct position for filling.

While the bowl rotates in a circle, the machine starts the filling process.

The device's measuring dial precisely controls the speed of rotation and the filling process. When the device has filled all the capsules, it returns to its original position.

4. Replacement of capsules by the body

Remove the lid shell and place it on the body shell.

Once the two trays are in place, gently press to lock the capsules.

The capsules are locked over the compression zone. Then release the filled capsule.

The capsules can then be quality checked, counted, marked and packed.

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