Manual Capsule Filling Machine in Pharmaceuticals

Manual capsule fillers are suitable for all kinds of pharmaceutical manufacturers. 


It is very easy to use with no bypass and negligible waste. Fill the loading tray with empty capsules.

Place the loading tray on the top plate and operate the cam handle to separate the cap and the capsule body. Place the powder tray in place and fill the exact amount of powder dispenser. Pull the lever to lock the capsule's cap and body. Remove the loading tray and empty the filled capsule. Functional design for a simplified operation that delivers accurate results with minimal rejection.

Manual Capsule Filling Machine
Working Principle 

  • Place the empty capsule on the loading tray and place the tray on the machine. Make sure the front handle is bent to the right.
  • Pull the locking lever forward. Push the long handle down to lift the hat from all bodies. Set the container with all the lids aside. Push the locking lever back, through which the capsule body will lower and align with the filling surface.
  • Place the powder container over the filling. Prevents the powder from spreading.
  • Add the pre-measured powder and spread. Transfer excess powder to a powder bin shelf. Tampering and less lockout. Turn the handle to compress the powder. This allows you to add more powder to each capsule.
  • Increase the tamper and distribute excess powder from the shelves to the capsules to ensure a uniform filling weight.
  • Refill the container with the cap. Turn the front knob counterclockwise to lower the lock plate. Tighten the lock on the lock plate. Grab the handle of the pusher and push the long handle down. Bodies are pushed into caps: all capsules are now sealed in one step.
  • Disconnect the lock to lock the panel. Lift the locking plate and rotate the front handle to the right.
  • Push the long lever down and remove the last capsule tray. The capsule is full. Turn the tray over and all the capsules will come out of the tray.

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