Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The automatic cap filling is a fully automated capsule filling machine, with the capsule isolation, filling and block can be performed automatically. The machine that can improve productive efficiency and reduce work costs.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The automated capsule filling machine has been divided into the intermediate speed and continuous speed type and most of the type of type speed interval, and then the following discussion will take this type of machine as an example. . The main part of the automatic intermediate speed filling machine is the round filling station in the center:

  • Correction of the capsule
  • Isolation of capsules
  • Drug
  • Refusal of the capsule in ruin
  • Capsule block
  • Full exhaust
  • Cleaning
  • Correction of the capsule

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Capsules Rectification 

Most factory fresh empty capsules are included in capsules whose caps and bodies are included. You must improve the capsule to fill the process. The capsule is randomly entered into the capsule distribution page with a number of circular channels. These channels are suitable for capsules and the bottom of each channel is equipped with springs components. During the operation, the delivery page of the mutual capsule is up and down, and the capsule blocked and blocked from spring parts. Then the capsule delivery page goes to the publishing capsule to the spring piece and then the capsule falls. The capsule requires additional adjustment because it can be low or when falling, the hat ends. Corrective capsules

The capsule is located in front of the horizontal fork. The horizontal fork, due to its particular structure, always acts on the median part of the capsule body, which has a smaller diameter. Due to the different center of gravity, the capsule moves forward like the capsule body, whether the capsule is the tip of the capsule body facing down or the end of the cap facing down. The direction of the capsule is then adjusted again with a vertical fork. So that all the capsules enter the lower part like the capsule body. Grinding of the capsules is now complete.

Separation of capsule caps from bodies

In general, automatic capsule fillers have different models depending on the hole in the capsule holder tray. Take the NJP series automatic capsule filling machine as an example. There are 9 holes for the 1200C, 18 holes for the 2000C and 24 holes for the 3500C. It shows how many capsules the machine can fill at the same time and affects the maximum filling speed. Most automatic capsule fillers can fill capsules of different sizes by changing the mold. detach from the body of the capsule cap

Move the capsule tray to the capsule separation station and lift the vacuum separator so that the top is close to the bottom without gaps. Capsules are separated by vacuum because the cap and capsule body have different diameters. A capsule cap is installed at the top of the capsule tray to lower the capsule body.

After separation, the top and bottom of the capsule tray are separated and transferred to the relevant station.

Filling of Medications

The body of the capsule is transported to a filling station for filling the drug. There are many methods of filling the medicine, the most important of which are pestle filling, intermittent dose filling, dosing cylinder filling, vacuum filling.

Tamping Filling

Punch Pestle Filling Insert is used to produce compact powder. Disc dosing works once after tapping to transfer powder to the next filling punch, and the powder above the disc dosing automatically fills the disc dosing gaps. After compression, the powder fills inside the capsule body.

Thus, the dose is relatively accurate and the error can reach 2%. You can also adjust the volume of the powder sealant by adjusting the lifting height of the filler punch. However, this method can also be applied to powders with good fluidity.

Intermittent Dosator Filling

In the intermittent dosing method, an empty dosing tube is introduced directly into the dosing hopper and the powder is pressurized using the dosing holes in the dosing tube. Then rotate the dosing tube 180 degrees. Then push the powder stopper into the capsule body to complete the capsule filling.

In this method, the dose of the powder plug can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the powder in the dosing hopper and the stroke of the dosing awl within the dose. And the powder should have good fluidity. In addition, this method is time consuming and it is better to adopt a continuous structure to fill the capsule.

Dosage Cylinder Filling

The filling of the powder dose cylinder is mainly controlled by two dose pistons under the funnel. The dosing piston, which can move up and down, moves to the top of the outlet to prevent the powder from falling, then closes the left and right moving dosing piston after filling the outlet dosing tube. After that, the dose goes up and down and releases the powder. The packaging amount can be controlled by adjusting the height of the dose that is suitable for filling particles. In this way different materials can be entered in the capsule by selecting more Ostras.

Vacuum Filling

Enter the vacuum by making the vacuum to remove drugs in the dosee tube and then use the compressed air to blow up drugs in the capsule body.

Applies to all types of medicines, there are no mechanical moving parts, and the damage to drugs are smaller than in a filled path.

Disposal of useless capsules

A few empty capsules are not separated from some reasons. There is a cap for the capsule. If the capsule cap is not removed from the capsule body, the capsule pin is pulled out of the mold and the capsule is blown into the capsule collection bag. The removed capsules and capsule bodies will be shipped to the next station.

Capsule lock

The top and bottom capsule trays rotate towards the lock station at the same time, at which point the axes of the top and bottom capsule trays overlap. The deflector at the top of the capsule tray and the pin under the tray will start to move and lock the capsule. 

Capsule Ejection

The capsule ejector is similar to the capsule extractor. Push the pin capsule out of the capsule case and blow the spent capsule with compressed air into the outlet.


The capsule tray returns to the first capsule correction station when the entire filling process is complete. However, lost powder or capsules may remain in the capsule container and need to be cleaned up. Use compressed air to blow the wasted powder and capsules from the bottom into the dust collection system.

The above is a fully automatic capsule filling process. It may seem cumbersome, but each step takes some time, and a reasonable circular structure ensures that these steps run concurrently. So at the fastest speed, the automatic capsule filling machine can fill 12k-450k capsules per hour, which is the best choice for capsule mass production. For small-scale production or other filling needs, see our Capsule Filler Selection Guide. We will help you choose the best capsule filling machine.

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