SOP For calibration of disintegration test apparatus is described in this post which you can follow in the section of the General Industry SOP.

To check the operation of the equipment for reliable and accurate results.
This procedure is applicable to disintegration test apparatus, installed in the quality control department.
QC Analyst
Manager Quality Control
  • Operate the instrument as per standard operating procedure.
  • When indicator display 37°C, measure the temperature of the individual beaker with a thermometer and record the results in Annexure- I
  • Also record the number of up down cycles per minute. Note down four reading for each bath and record the results in Annexure –I.
  • Also measure the oscillation and record the results in Annexure –I.
  • If the instrument is out of limit as in Annexure-I, follow the S.O.P.
  • Each instrument is calibrated with the respective serial number bath. Do not interchange the bath.
Frequency: Once in a month