SOP For calibration of karl fischer is described in this post which you can follow in the section of the General Industry SOP.


To calibrate the equipment for reliable and accurate results.


This procedure is applicable to calibrate the Karl Fischer apparatus, installed in the quality control department.


QC Analyst


Manager Quality Control



  • Place the burette outlet in 10ml standard calibrated measuring cylinder
  • Press the START key and then press ENTER key. Then again press START key.
  • When the display show 3ml, immediately press STOP key.
  • Note down the observed volume of Karl Fischer reagent in the measuring cylinder.
  • Now repeat steps for 6ml and 9ml.
  • Record the obtained volume and displayed volume in the enclosed format.
  • The volume displayed on the instrument and the volume collected in cylinder should not vary by more than ± 0.1 ml and record the results.


  • Add accurately weighed 100mg of Disodium tartrate into the titration vessel containing neutralized methanol and test for water content.
  • Calculate the % water by using the formula given below.

                                       Volume of KFR consumed in ml X 100 X Factor

% Water (W/W) = --------------------------------------------------------------

                                                  Weight of disodium tartrate in mg

  • The performance of the instrument is satisfactory if the difference between the obtained values is within the tolerance limit of 15.66 ± 5% i.e. 14.87% -16.44.
  • Repeat the steps and take total five readings and record the results.

Frequency: Once in a month.