SOP For calibration of column oven is described in this post which you can follow in the section of the General Industry SOP.


To provide a standard operating procedure for the calibration of HPLC Column Oven.
This procedure is applicable to all HPLC Column Oven in QC Lab.
QC Analyst
Manager Quality Control
  • Keep the sensor probe of reference calibrated digital thermometer inside the HPLC Column Oven keeps its position in about center of the oven chamber.
  • Set the oven temp. at 25 °C.
  • Let the oven chamber to achieve set temp. Allow to stabilize it for at least 5 min.
  • After 5 minutes, observe the temp. in ref. thermometer.
  • Record the value of temp. shown on instrument display and ref. the thermometer.
  • Keep minimum five minutes interval for first and second reading.
  • Then set the oven temp. 40°C, 50°C, 60°C and 70°C each one by one and follow the procedure as mentioned above.
Frequency: Once in a year.