Storage And Handling Of Inprocess Product SOP

In this SOP of Storage And Handling Of Inprocess Product procedure is described.

Storage And Handling Of Inprocess Product SOP PURPOSE 

It is established to ensure the proper storage and handling to prevent Inprocess products from damage and deterioration.


It is applicable for the storage and handling of all kinds of Inprocess products in the Plant.


Section Incharge

Production Incharge



Place in-process material/product in polyethylene bag & tie its mouth. Then put polyethylene bag in a drum/container & place the container/drum in the neat and clean rack of in-process Quarantine.

No drum/container is stored directly on the floor or in contact with the walls & ceiling.

All the drums/containers must have Identification Slip-II with in-process status.

All the materials must be kept in the appropriate sequence. 


The following Quality Records shall be generated and managed in accordance with the Procedure for Control of Company Quality Records 

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