Storage And Handling Of Finished Product

In this SOP of Storage And Handling Of Finished Product procedure is fully described.

Storage And Handling Of Finished Product PURPOSE

It is established to ensure the proper storage and handling to prevent the finished product from damage and deterioration.


It is applicable for storage and handling of all kinds of the finished products in the Plant .


Store Supervisor (Finished Goods Store)

Production Incharge

Packing Supervisor


Suitable Machinery/ Equipment

  • Lifter 
  • Hygrometer 

Process of Storage and Handling  

  • Temperature Sensitive finished products must be stored in the specified area under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature. Other products are stored at room temperature protected from direct sunlight.
  • The product must bear its Name, Batch No. and packing worker code on the outer carton.
  • During transportation of the finished product, it should be handled with care to avoid breakage, damage, and leakage.
  • Stock rotation of all the batches must be maintained in the finished good store according to the first in first out formula.
  • All the storage and handling must be carried out through authorized persons under the supervision of a finished good storekeeper.
  • Entry of unauthorized persons must be prohibited by the finished good Store Supervisor
  • The finished goods store should be neat and clean.


The following Quality Records shall be generated and managed in accordance with the Procedure for Control of Company Quality Records.

Form Reference No.

Temperature and Humidity Recording Chart

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