SOP For Daily Planning Schedule

 SOP For daily planning schedule is described in this post which you can follow in the section of the Quality Assurance Department.


This procedure has been established to provide guidelines to Q.A staff for checking that every process is carried out as per daily planning schedule


This procedure is applicable to Quality Assurance Department.


Q.A Officer 


Manager Quality Assurance


After receiving the daily "intimation form" from Production, QAM allocates the responsibilities to the concerned staff.  The responsibilities include:


To be carried out as mentioned in dally "intimation form" received from Production Manager.


Sampling of Raw Materials & inprocess Materials (Final Mix, compressed tablets, coated tablets, filled capsules & filled bottles/vials) and finished products for final testing and Q.A. retained samples.


Inspection of Plant and inprocess checks during manufacturing & Packing of different products according to daily defined activities as per respective / relevant SOP.


BMR auditing prior to release of finished products for marketing.


Return Drug Products inspection.

Proof Reading: 

Proof reading of different packaging materials i.e. Labels, Cartons & Leaflets of new products and of revised artwork provided by Design Department.

Files for registration of new products to be submitted to M.O.H. 


Handling of complaints from market received through Plant Manager from Marketing & M.O.H.

Maintain calibration record and supervision of calibration activities at Plant.

Checking of M.O & P.O. and assure the issuance of exact material as per M.O / P.O.

Any other assignment given by the QAM or Plant Manager.  

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