SOP For Steam Penetration Test By Chemical Indicator in autoclave or moist heat sterilizer

SOP For even steam penetration of autoclave is described in this post which you can follow in the section of the microbiological lab.

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To study of steam penetration evenly in Autoclave/ Moist heat sterilizer with use of  chemical indicator i.e. (Autoclave tape, Sterigage 3M Strip)


This procedure is applicable to study even and rapid steam penetration in Autoclave/Moist heat sterilizer.


  • Microbiologist.
  • Assistant Microbiology.
  • Area Incharge/Machine Operator.
  • Production Pharmacist.


  • Production Manager
  • Quality Control Manager


Place the chemical indicator i.e. (autoclave tape or sterigage 3M strip) according to the location chart plan on the selected locations on all shelves to check the steam penetration in all chambers.

Set and run the autoclave cycle at standard temperature/pressure/time i.e. 121oC/15psi/15minutes.

After the completion of cycle remove and observe the chemical indicator visually for even color changes i.e. (white bands must be converted to black bands indicating effective heat penetration throughout the cycle) in this case the test must be considered as satisfactory

No change or brown color will indicate in the ineffective sterilization and the test must be considered as unsatisfactory. 

Incase of unsatisfactory performance inspect the previous performances of the autoclave from logbook. 

Incase of any defect or problem in the autoclave paste the label OUT OF ORDER and send autoclave  to engineering department for the maintenance and repair and record the maintenance of machine in the equipment repair logbook.

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