SOP For Finger DAB Test

Finger DAB Test SOP is described in this post, which you can follow in the microbiological lab.


To lay down a procedure for finger DAB test for personnel's that are in direct contact with the raw material or product


This procedure is applicable to the Sterile Manufacturing Area and Sterile testing Area i.e. (Microbiology Lab)




Quality Control Manager


Label all the pre-incubated plates with the date of sampling, name of the Operator and wrap in aluminum foil and then keep in clean SS container

Transfer the SS container of pre-incubated nutrient agar plates  (wiped with 70% IPA) to sterile manufacturing or testing area.

Follow the gowning procedure as required by the respective department to avoid additional contamination.

Disinfect the hands with IPA 70% wear the sterile surgical gloves.

Remove the lid of the petri-plate and take the gloved finger impressions of the operator for at least about 2cm of the fingers f both the gloved hands on the agar surface of plates respectively.

Ensure that the operator changes his gloves before resuming work.

After sampling of F-DAB test, repack the plates properly in aluminum foil and place all the plates in the SS container wiped with 70% IPA and bring it to the microbiology department.

Incubate all the plates inverted at 22℃ ±2.5 ℃  for3-5 days followed by 32℃ ±2.5oC for 2-3days. 

Keep the negative control along with the plates in the incubator. After the completion of the incubation period  observe the plates for microbial growth and record the results

        Frequency  Once in a month.

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