SOP for Operation Cleaning and maintenance of Fogger Machine

In this Post, Complete procedure describes of Operational, Cleaning & Maintenance of the Fogger Machine.

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This procedure has been established for the safe and effective operation of fogger machine.


This procedure is applicable  to the safe operation of fogger machine




Quality Control Manager


Clean the fogger after each use.

Drain the unused solution from the tank, rinse it with water.

Always fog for a few minutes with water to flush chemical residues from the internal lines.

If any deposits are formed into the nozzle parts, use needle or pin to remove the solid deposits from nozzle & rum machine with plain water to flush out the residues Always empty the tank after each use and clean with purified water.

Dirty and clogged filter should be washed with water dried and used. (Do not squeeze).

Dosage Instructions:

Volume of disinfectant used for fogging = volume of space to be fogged                                                                                                    × application rate

Volume of space to be fogged              = length ×width× height

Application rate                                  = 400ml of disinfectant/ 1000ft3.

Output flow rate                                 = 50ml/minute.

Refer dosage of disinfectant solution    = volume (ft3) × application rate (ml/ft3)

Time required                                    = total liquid to be fogged (ml) × flow rate                                                                                    (ml/minute)    


Before operating the fogger machine its placement must be on a smooth steady surface at the height of 2-3 ft.

Ensure that it does not fall down in running condition.

Direct the motor housing & nozzle to approximately 40-50 degree and tighten the toe knobs on the sides.

Dismantle the fogger assembly and fill the tank with disinfectant solution and assemble again properly.

Turn "ON" the fogger as directed in the machine manual to begin the application. 

Fogger must be turned "ON" till the dispersion of required volume of disinfectant solution.  

For moving the fogger from one location to another turn off the fogger machine temporarily by its button but do not switch OFF the fogger

Only switch OFF the main supply of the fogger at the end or completion of the fogging process.

Prepare the disinfectant Solution required for fogging as per SOP and pour into the tank of the fogger machine. 

Set the speed of spraying nozzle from low to high as per requirement.

Switch on the main switch of the fogger and keep the fogger in the area to be fogged for approximately 15 to 20 minutes for a single location.


Clean or wash the tank of the fogger machine at the end of every single use either with hot water or with detergent solution whichever is suitable.

Fully open the machine valve and operate the machine for 3-5 minutes, flushing the solution through the valve, lines, and nozzle  Examine or monitor the physical condition of the blower assembly after about 500 working hours of the fogger machine.  

Incase of damaged/broken/torn brushes maintenance or replacement of brushes is mandatory. 

After cleaning set the fogger machine to dry completely before next operation.

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