SOP For Guidelines for Working in Microbiology Lab

SOP for guidelines for working in microbiology lab is described in this post which you can follow in the section of microbiological lab.


This procedure has been established for guidelines for working in microbiology lab.


This procedure is applicable to microbiology lab.




Quality Control Manager.            


Personnel must not wear cosmetics, nail polish or jewelry. 

Before entering the microbiology laboratory cosmetics and jewelry must be removed and must wear a cap, apron and slippers provided and proper sterilized gowning for microbiology lab. 

Only authorized person must be allowed to enter the sterile area (microbiology lab) to avoid contamination. 

Rhythmic movement must be followed in the microbiology laboratory and avoid  head snatching, rubbing hands, face or parts of the body.

The person with the physical illness, like stomach or respiratory disorders, must not enter the laboratory.  

At the time of operation all the doors of respective areas of the laboratory must keep in closed condition.

The microbiologist must not open doors of incubator rooms frequently to avoid contamination. 

Cleaning of the microbiology laboratory must be done once a day.

All aseptic testing must be done under LFC and before work disinfect the LFC and hands with 70% IPA properly.

Remove the waste materials must be t removed at the end work.

Sterilized materials must be stored in dress cabinet installed inside the change room of the microbiology lab equipped with UV-light and terminal HEPA filters. 

After exiting the lab used disposable garments must be autoclaved and then dispose of. 

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