SOP For Entry and Exit to (Sterile Area) Microbiology Lab

SOP for entry and exit to (sterile area) microbiology is described in this post which you can follow in the section of microbiological lab.

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This procedure has been established for entry and exit to (sterile area) microbiology lab.


This procedure is applicable to microbiology lab.




Quality Control Manager.            


Entry Procedure Microbiology Lab:

Remove general production shoes outside the change room – I of microbiology lab.

Enter the change room –I  and first wear pre-sterilized gloves and sanitize the hands with liquid hand sanitizer provided in the lab then  

Enter the Change Room-II and perform proper gowning procedure as per SOP. after gowning change the other pair of sterilized gloves in change room -II.

Transfer the sterilized media and glasswares for microbiological analysis to testing area through pass through box.

Exit Procedure from Microbiology Lab:

At the end, remove all used or waste materials and glasswares from laminar airflow cabinet and switch off the laminar airflow cabinet blower of the LFC and UV-light after 30minutes and move them outside through pass  box for cleaning and washing. 

Then move from testing area i.e.(sterility room) to buffer-III and close the door properly and then move to change room/buffer-II and remove the gowning as per procedure and fold the uniform neatly and put them into a poly bag & transfer the poly bag outside the change room/buffer-II for washing of gowns and sterilization and close the door properly and move to buffer-I and close the door properly.

Remove the lab shoes in change room-I and come out and wear the normal general shoes assigned for the use outside the lab.


Before leaving the testing area disinfect the LFC with 70% IPA and mop with lint free cloth.

The person suffering from a cough and cold must not enter microbiological testing Area.

The person with wounds must not enter the microbiological testing area.

Ensure that both the doors of change rooms must not open at a time.

Use sterilized over gown, cap and hand gloves every time.

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