SOP for cleaning and maintenance of microscope is described in this post which you can follow in the section of microbiological lab.


This procedure has been established for cleaning and maintenance of microscope.


This procedure is applicable to microbiology lab.




Quality Control Manager.            


First of all switch "ON" the microscope by  "ON /OFF" switch button and set proper required brightness.

Place the slide on stage and with the sample to be observed positioned on the upper side of the slide and set the slide exactly under the light source.

Firstly start focusing the sample to be observed with low magnification lens and then with high magnification lens in the center of the light source. 

For moving or adjusting the stage through ocular lens turn the coarse adjustment knob for bringing the object into focus and for enhancing resolution turn the fine adjustment knob.

For increasing or decreasing light intensity for clear or sharp image adjust the diaphragm lever. 

Rotate or move (from low to high power magnification) the high power objective.

For microscopic examination of oily substances  add one drop of  oil and then bring the slide into focus.


Cover the instrument after each use. 

De-dust the outer surfaces with 70% IPA solution with the help of a  lint free cloth. 

for removing oily immersions first clean with a dry cloth followed by 70% IPA solution with a lint free cloth