Determination of Moisture content by coulometric Karl Fischer method SOP

Title: Standard operating procedure for determination of Moisture content by coulometric Karl Fischer method.

1.0                 OBJECTIVE:

To lay down a procedure for determination of Moisture content by coulometric Karl Fischer method.

2.0                 SCOPE:

This SOP shall be applicable to Q.C Dept.

3.0                 RESPONSIBILITY:

3.1  Doing: Q.C Analyst.

3.2  Checking: Q.C-Manager.

4.0                 ACCOUNTABILITY:

4.1  Head of the Q.C Department.

5.0                 MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT:

5.1  Karl Fischer apparatus.

5.2  Weighing balance.

5.3  Methanol.

5.4  Karl Fischer reagent.

5.5  Glassware (according to need).

5.6  Sample

6.0                 PROCEDURE:

6.1  Add suitable volume of anolyte in titration flask and immerse in this solution pair of platinum electrodes for potentiometric titration at constant current.

6.2  And add suitable volume of catholyte in generator electrode.

6.3  Switch on the instrument and make the content of titration vessel anhydrous.

6.4  Weigh accurately amount of sample 0.5 to 5.0 mg of water, add it quickly to the vessel and dissolve by stirring.

6.5  Perform titration to end point under vigorous stirring.

6.6  When the sample is insoluble in the anolyte, powder it and weigh accurate amount of sample to vessel. After stirring the mixture 5-30 min, while protecting from atmospheric moisture, perform titration.

6.7  Perform the blank titration.

6.8  The results will be appeared on the screen of apparatus.

7.0                 REVISION LOG:

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8.0                 REFERENCES:

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9.0                 ANNEXURES:

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