Title: Standard operating procedure for determination of Melting point of given sample by using melting point apparatus.


1.0                 OBJECTIVE:

To lay down a procedure of Melting point of given sample by using melting point apparatus.

2.0                 SCOPE:

This SOP shall be applicable to Q.C Dept.

3.0                 RESPONSIBILITY:

3.1  Doing: Q.C Analyst.

3.2  Checking: Q.C-Manager.

4.0                 ACCOUNTABILITY:

4.1  Head of the Q.C Department.

5.0                 MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT:

5.1  Melting point apparatus.

5.2  Capillary tubes.

5.3  Burner.

5.4  Spatula.

6.0                 PROCEDURE:

6.1  Unless otherwise prescribed, dry the finely powdered substance in vacuo and over the anhydrous silica gel for 24 hrs.

6.2  Introduce the sufficient quantity of sample into a capillary tube.

6.3  Set the apparatus and immerse the capillary tube into the apparatus such that the closed end is near the centre of the bulb of thermometer.

6.4  Switch on the melting point apparatus.

6.5  Operate the melting point apparatus according to the SOP.

6.6  Raise the temperature of the apparatus.

6.7  Record the temperature at which the last particle passes into the liquid phase.

6.8  Record measurements in annexure-1.

7.0                 REVISION LOG:

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8.0                 REFERENCES:

8.1  Not Applicable.

9.0                 ANNEXURES:

Annexure 1: Observations of Melting point apparatus.







Annexure: 1

Observations of Melting point apparatus

Sample = _____________

Time period = _____________


Initial (Ti)


Final (Tf)


Tf - Ti














Average: _____________


Result: _________________


Remarks: __________________________________________________