Title: Standard operating procedure for determination of % L.O.D by using Hot air oven.


1.0                     OBJECTIVE:

To lay down a procedure for determination of percentage Loss of drying by using Hot air oven.

2.0                     SCOPE:

This SOP shall be applicable to Q.C Dept.

3.0                     RESPONSIBILITY:

3.1      Doing: Q.C Analyst.

3.2      Checking: Q.C-Manager.

4.0                     ACCOUNTABILITY:

4.1      Head of the Q.C Department.

5.0                     MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT:

5.1      Hot air oven

5.2      Weighing balance.

5.3      Spatula.

6.0                     PROCEDURE:

6.1      Weigh the test sample.

6.2      Set the Hot air oven apparatus.

6.3      Operate the Hot air oven according to the SOP.

6.4      Place the sample into the tray.

6.5      Set the temperature for at least 45 minutes.

6.6      And wait till the sample loses its moisture.

6.7      After 45 minutes weigh the sample again by using analytical weighing balance i.e. the final weight.

6.8      Note down readings on given Annexure-1.

7.0                     REVISION LOG:

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8.0                     REFERENCES:

8.1      Not Applicable.

9.0                     ANNEXURES:

Annexure 1: Observations of percentage Loss of drying by using Hot air oven.



Annexure: 1

Observations of percentage loss of drying by using Hot air oven

Percentage loss of drying by using Hot air oven

Apparatus: ___________________

Temperature: __________________

Weight of Sample = _____________

Time period = _____________

Pressure= _________________


Time (min)

Weight of sample (g)

% Loss of Moisture

Initial weight

Final weight
















Average % Loss of Moisture: _____________


% Loss of Moisture:



Remarks: ____________________________________________________________