Davidson's Self-assessment in Medicine pdf free download

This is the first edition of Davidson's Self-assessment in Medicine, designed as an accompanying volume to the internationally renowned textbook Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine. Since the original Davidson's was first published in 1952, it has acquired a large following of medical students, doctors and health professionals. Alongside the success of the main textbook, a demand has emerged for a complementary self-assessment book covering a broad range of general medicine topics. Our new book uses typical clinical scenarios to test the reader. Each chapter is written by a specialty expert and the contents follow the style and chapter layout of Davidson's. This book can be used either independently or in conjunction with the main book.

This book has been built around modern educational principles and utilizes a contemporary assessment style, in line with current undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. It is designed to help and support students in their final undergraduate years and in the early years after qualification. The style is compatible with that used in modern postgraduate examinations across the world.

The clinical scenarios have been chosen to be suitable for clinicians at any stage in their career, supporting ongoing professional development. Clinical reasoning and judgement are encouraged, with questions mirroring the situations and presentations that clinicians will meet in their everyday practice. The content is applicable to a global audience and is based on current evidence-based best practice.

The modern physician needs not only a sound knowledge base but also the ability to apply that understanding appropriately to individual patients. The vision of the editors is to create a resource that stimulates readers to build and apply their clinical knowledge to real-life scenarios, resulting in excellent patient -centred care.


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