SOP For standardization of packaging material is described in this post which you can follow in the section of the Quality Assurance Department.

This procedure has been established to provide the guidelines for the standardization and approval of new / revised design, text and color scheme of packaging components.
This SOP is applicable to Marketing, Procurement, Quality Assurance / Quality Control Departments.
QA Officer
Manager Quality Assurance
In order to standardize the printing of packaging components and have better control, a Technical Panel comprising following members has been established to sanction the approval of artwork:
Executive Director 
QA/ QC Manager
R & D Department  
Product Manager
New design of Carton, Label, Insert and Aluminum Foil will be initiated by the Design Department. Incase of insert, Marketing department will also provide reference literature to QA department for proofing.
Product Manager in consultation with the Executive Director guides the Design Coordinator to develop a design for the product color scheme.
Executive Director will grant approval of design, color scheme and standard pattern
After the approval of Executive Director, a draft reflecting design, color scheme and dimensions will be prepared by the Design Coordinator and submitted to the Technical Panel for proof reading of text and verification of color scheme and dimensions through QA department.
Final approval will be given by the Executive Director on final draft to be printed. Photo copy of this final artwork will be maintained in QA department as reference.
This approved draft is sent through Design department to Procurement department for printing.
Procurement department will get 4 hard copies with standard color scheme, color shade and dimensions on the board / paper to be used, as per approved artwork, from the printer. 
Printed samples will be checked, verified against approved artwork and signed by the following:
QA /QC Manager
R & D Department 
One copy of printed hard proof will be maintained by Q.A. for Quality Control department as reference for text, color scheme, color shade, quality of paper / board / Aluminum foil and dimensions.
Remaining 3 copies will be forwarded to Design department for distribution as follows: 
2nd copy of this standard is given to Procurement for printing, 
3rd copy is given to Procurement department for retaining as reference,
4th copy for Design department for filing as reference.
After approval of the standard artwork the printer/ supplier, under no circumstances, is allowed to make any change in the design of the packaging components.
In case of revision of artwork, new artwork will be initiated by Product Manager/ QA Manager through Head of Corporate Affairs to Design department in order to meet regulatory / promotional requirements.
Revised artwork will again have to be reviewed, verified and approved by the Technical Panel as per procedure/steps mentioned above.
After this, hard copies of new approved artwork will be reviewed and verified by QAM and will forwarded through Head of Corporate Affairs to Design Department in order to retrieve the relevant material of previous artwork from the printer. 
Head of Corporate Affairs/ Procurement Manager will arrange retrieval of previous relevant materials (CD / floppy, screen etc.) from printer as well as deletion of soft copies from the system of Design department. 
Head of Corporate Affairs/ Procurement Manager will be responsible for the destruction / disposal of obsolete artwork immediately after receiving first consignment with new artwork at Plant. Complete record of retrieval of obsolete artwork from the printer, destruction of the same and deletion of soft copies from the system will be managed by Design department after verification and approval by the competent authorities (Procurement Manager, Head of Corporate Affairs, and QA Manager).