SOP For incoming  consignments of raw material is described in this post which you can follow in the section of the Quality Assurance Department.


This procedure has been established to provide the guidelines for the inspection of incoming consignments of raw materials.


This procedure is applicable to Quality Assurance and Warehouse Departments.


Warehouse Officer

Q.A Officer


Manager Quality Assurance


All the incoming raw materials upon receipt are inspected physically by store Supervisor against DC’s/bilties/ bills etc. for following points:

Total number of containers received.

Apparent condition of containers. (Damaged containers to be segregated and  mentioned separately on GRN)

Store supervisor note down Date, MRN #, bilty no., supplier, items, quantity and lot no. in the Material Record Register.

Store supervisor informs the Q.C. Department through GRN on MIS.

The store supervisor checks the physical condition of all the containers and arranges cleaning/dedusting of the containers (by lint free cloth or duster) before shifting to quarantine area.

Q.C. Department submits request for sampling to Q.A. Department. Q.A. Officer and Warehouse officer inspect all the containers. Q.A. Officer notes down material, no. of containers, quantity, MRN #, origin, lot no., Date, physical condition of containers, label, vendor name, batch no., manufacturing date/expiry date and certificate of analysis in the PHYSICAL INSPECTION OF INCOMING CONSIGNMENTS (RAW MATERIAL)

If any anomaly is observed the Q.A. Officer and Warehouse officer inform QAM.

The Q.A. Officer verifies the material before sampling and the record is retained by the QC Department.