SOP For In-Process Checks For Coating Pan is described in this post which you can follow in the section of the Quality Assurance Department.


This procedure has been established to outline for in process inspection to be conducted before and after coating process to ensure the quality of product.


This procedure is applicable to the Production Department of tablet coating area


QA Officer


Manager Quality Assurance 


QA Officer checks the cleaning status of coating pan.

QA Officer ensures the personnel working in the area wear proper gloves & dedicated mask for coating. 

QA Officer checks that spray gun is free from moisture, oil and foreign particles.

QA Officer ensures the gun nozzle, air pipes, air ducts, inlet exhaust are cleaned and functioning properly.  

QA Officer checks that coating solution is free from black or foreign particles.

Production Officer checks the weight of 20 tablets before coating. (core)

QA Officer observes tablets for any damage.

QA Officer ensures that the A.C. and exhaust system is in working condition.

Production Officer checks the weight of 20 tablets after coating to find the weight gain during coating and record on the relevant document in the BMR.