Packing of Tablets & Capsules in Packaging Section SOP in pharmaceuticals industries procedure is given in this post.

Packing of Tablets & Capsules in Packaging Section SOP Objective:

To describe the procedure for packing of tablets and capsules in packaging section.


The scope of this SOP applies to packaging of tablets and capsules in packaging section of production department.


It is the responsibility of Line Supervisor (packaging) to follow this SOP as it is written.

It is the responsibility of Packaging Pharmacist to ensure that this SOP is followed as it is written.

It is the responsibility of Production Manager, to ensure that this SOP is followed in its entirety, reviewed and updated as necessary.


SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

BPR: Batch Processing Record

Q.A: Quality Assurance

F.G: Finish Goods

P.S: Physician Sample


Release intimation is received by packaging section from tablet and capsule section.

Tablet & capsule batch in bulk is received in packaging section by weighing in the presence of Production Pharmacists (tablet & capsule) and packaging Pharmacist.

Production Pharmacist (tablet & capsule) completes the particular papers of the batch and Packaging Pharmacist receives BPR which is signed by both the pharmacists and verified by QA inspector.

Packaging Pharmacist prepares batch stamp for blisters and cartons as prescribed in BPR.

Tablets & capsules are blistered with batch stamp embossed on it and checked by Packaging Pharmacist.

Batch stamp for embossing is prepared according to the SOP (write down the reference no).

Cartons are printed, checked and signed by Production Pharmacist (capsule & tablet), Packaging Pharmacist and Q.A inspector.

Blisters of tablet & capsule are sorted by line workers according to batch stamp, number of tablets & capsules per blister and proper blistering.

Blisters of tablet and capsule are packed in cartons in a quantity prescribed in pack size of that particular product.

These cartons are bundled by checking batch stamp.

Line Supervisor prepares weight paper as prescribed in BPR of that product.

Bundles are checked according to weight paper and are arranged in standard (mentioned in BPR) shipper, sealed and signed by shipper packer.

Exact quantity of lose shipper is written on transfer label and sealed diagonally.

Transfer labels are attached on each shipper.

Finished packs are transferred to respective store (F.G & P.S) with transfer tickets.

Packaging Pharmacist completes the BPR and calculates % yield.