In this post Destruction Of Expired / Rejected Material in the Production Department of Pharmaceuticals company is described.


This procedure is established to destroy Expired Raw Materials, Expired & Rejected Returned Stock, Rejected In-process products, Rejected Packaging Components and obsolete records & documents.


Warehouse Incharge, QC/QA Manager, Plant Manager, and Chief Executive Officer.


Destruction is to be carried out semiannually preferably in the month of

January & July of every year or whenever required.

Segregate and Collected the Items as under:-

  1. All rejected Raw Materials (Active & non Active.
  2. All Rejected in-process products batches.
  3. All Returned and Rejected Finished Stock from market & production.
  4. All Rejected Packaging Components and obsolete records and documents.

  • Prepare destruction note and sign by QC/QA Manager, Plant Manager and final approval by Chief Executive Officer for destruction.
  • All Raw Materials, Inprocess products and finished stock are handed over to outer body contractor for destruction by incineration.
  • Packaging Components and the obsolete record is handed over to the sanitation department for destruction by incineration in safe method.
  • Destruction process is to be supervised/witnessed by In-process,

          Supervisor and Sanitation In-charge.

List of Recipients