SOP For Dress Cabinet of Sterile Area

SOP For Dress Cabinet of Sterile Area is described in this post which you can follow in the section of microbiological lab. 

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This procedure has been established for operating dress cabinet in controlled environment of sterile manufacturing area and sterile testing area i.e. (Microbiology Lab).


This procedure is applicable to the sterile area (Manufacturing & Microbiological Testing Lab).



Sterile Area Pharmacist.

Microbiology Lab Attendant.


Quality Control Manager. 


Power "ON" the main supply of the dress cabinet and turn the button "ON" for the air blower and UV-Light.

Hang ON the aseptically transferred sterile uniforms in the dress cabinet and close the door properly.

keep the UV-Light on for atleast 30minutes  before and after the operation.

Transfer the sterilized uniforms aseptically in the dress cabinet atleast 24-48hrs before operation. 

Enter the sterile area as per entering procedure and open the door of dress cabinet and pick out the uniform for gowning and after completion of work remove the uniform and place it in the washing bin.

Before exit Switch ‘OFF’ the Air blower and UV-Light of the cabinet.

Note the readings of UV-Light life hours in the logbook.

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