SOP For Cleaning of Glassware's used in Microbiological testing

SOP For Cleaning of Glassware's is described in this post which you can follow in the section of  microbiological lab. 

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This procedure has been established for cleaning of glassware's used in microbiology lab in the testing of the pharmaceutical product.


This procedure is applicable to the microbiology lab.



Microbiology Lab Attendant.


Quality Control Manager. 


Solution Preparation of Chromic Acid: 

For making 100ml of chromic acid solution; take 200g of sodium dichromate and dissolve in 100ml of distilled water.

Place the sodium dichromate solution on ice bath and add slowly 1500ml sulphuric acid and stir the solution.


While preparing the solution wear the safety goggles to protect eyes and gloves to protect hands and overall to protect cloths during the addition of acid. 

Always use freshly prepared solution as it is extremely corrosive. 

Do not use this microbiology lab glassware in the chemical laboratory. 

After disposal of the media, dip all the infected glassware in 70% v/v IPA

solution for 30 minutes. 

Remove the glassware from the IPA solution and brush all the glassware.

Rinse the glassware thoroughly with tap water to properly remove IPA solution  and, finally, rinse with purified water. 

After washing, dry all the glassware in an oven at 120ºC for 60 mints. 

Sterilize the glassware by autoclaving at (121ºC/15psi/15 minutes).

Frequency of washing glassware's with chromic acid solution: 

dip the glassware's overnightly in chromic acid solution atleast once in a month.

Cleaning validation: 

To verify or check the absence of cleaning agent from glassware's the check the pH of the final rinse with pH meter.

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