SOP For Operation Of Vortex Mixer

Vortex Mixer Standard Operating Procedure of Operanitonal in Pharmaceuticals Microbiology Lab is described here.

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To provide a procedure for the operation of the Vortex mixer.


This procedure is applicable for the operation of Vortex mixer


Q.C Analyst



Quality Control Manager

Technical Specifications

Power supply/Voltage:     AC220V± 10%      (50/60 Hz)

Power Consumption:       30 W

Oscillating Frequency:     Sequent 2000rpm     

Area of working surface:  6.2x24(mm) 


Switch ON/OFF button located at the front side of the instrument.

The vortex mixer starts rotating at the set speed.        

Switch off the instrument by ON/OFF key, when not in use.

If the instrument does not produce required results or its response is poor then it should be labeled as “OUT OF ORDER” and should be repaired or serviced from a qualified technical person.


When cleaning, plug off the power supply.

Clean the instrument carefully with wet cloth and warm water.

Never use the acetone or any other organic solution for cleaning.

Safety Precautions:

Never put the instrument into the water or any other liquids.

Never empty loaded. When not being used , turn off the power.

Please send it to the qualified person for examining

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