SOP For Cleaning Of Filter Holder of Filtration Assemly

SOP For Cleaning Of Filter Holder of Filtration Assemly is fully describe in this SOP.

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To lay down the procedure for cleaning of Filter Holder in Filtration Assembly  after microbiological testing  i.e. (sterility Test, Microbial Limit Test etc.)  


This procedure is applicable to microbiology department.




Quality Control Manager


First of all, Flush the filtration assembly with lot of potable water.

Pour 100ml of any organic solvent i.e.(acetone ethanol, IPA, and methanol) solution in 1:1 in  a stainless-steel bowl and dip the filter holder in the acetone solution (having filter pad) overnight.

Next day take out from organic solution and wash with water wrap it in  aluminum foil and autoclave as per SOP. Repeat this cleaning method at the end of every single use.Washing with organic solvents like acetone is needed because the padded filter of the holder does not get damaged.

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