Determination of Viscosity by using Viscometer SOP


Title: Standard operating procedure for determination of Viscosity by using viscometer.


1.0                         OBJECTIVE:

To lay down a procedure for determination of Viscosity by using viscometer.

2.0                         SCOPE:

This SOP shall be applicable to Q.C.

3.0                         RESPONSIBILITY:

3.1          Doing: Q.C Analyst.

3.2          Checking: Q.C-Manager.

4.0                         ACCOUNTABILITY:

4.1          Head of the Q.C Department.

5.0                         MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT:

5.1          Viscometer.

6.0                         PROCEDURE:

6.1          Ensure that all the connections of the instrument are proper.

6.2          Turn the viscometer “ON”.

6.3          Take out the viscosity in 500.0ml beaker.

6.4          Adjust the temperature to 25oC.

6.5          Attach the required spindle, adjust required speed and measure the viscosity.

6.6          Note down the constant reading in annexure-1.

6.7          Acceptance criteria:

6.7.1  Viscosity should be within the tolerance limits.

6.8          Precautions:

6.8.1  Take due care to avoid any contamination of the solutions.

6.8.2  Avoid air bubble entrapment transfer of solutions.

6.8.3  Do not transfer the viscosity solution to the original container back after use.

7.0                         REVISION LOG:

Revision No.

Effective Date






8.0                         REFERENCES:

8.1          Not Applicable.

9.0                                                                                               ANNEXURES:

Annexure 1: Observations of Viscometer.


Annexure: 1

Observations of Viscometer


Equipment: ______________________



Spindle No.



Viscosity of solution





























Remarks: _______________________________________________________________


Performed by/date

Checked by/date




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