Conductivity measurement of a solution by using Conductometer.

Conductivity measurement of a solution by using Conductometer.


1.0                 OBJECTIVE:

To lay down the procedure for analysis on Conductometer.

2.0                 SCOPE:

This shall be applicable to the Conductometer of Quality Control Instrument Lab.

3.0                 RESPONSIBILITY:

3.1  Technical Assistant/ Helper.

3.2  Q.C Analyst.

4.0                 ACCOUNTABILITY:

4.1  Manager-Quality Control.

4.2  Head of the Q.C Department.

5.0                 MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT:

5.1  Conductometer.

5.2  Glassware (according to requirement).

5.3  Sample.

6.0                 PROCEDURE:

6.1  Ensure that the area is clean.

6.2  Switch on the main power.

6.3  Make sure that electrodes are calibrated.

6.4  Rinse the electrode with de-ionized or distilled water before use to remove any impurities adhering to it. Shake and air dry. To avoid contamination of sample rinse the electrode with the small volume of sample solution.

6.5  Switch on the instrument.

6.6  Dip the electrodes into the sample solution.

6.7  Allow time for the reading to stabilize. Note the reading on the display at specified temperature on the given Annexure-1.

7.0                 REVISION LOG:

Revision No.

Effective Date






8.0                 REFERENCES:

8.1  The British Pharmacopoeia. Vol V., Official Monograph /Conductivity: 2015, pp. 256.

9.0                 ANNEXURES:

Annexure 1: Observations of Conductometer.


Annexure: 1

Observations of Conductometer

Apparatus: _____________________

Sample solution: _________________

Room temperature: ______________

Sr. #



























Remarks: ________________________________________


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