Pharmacy Management Essentials For all Practice pdf free download

Pharmacy remains a very exciting profession; in fact, more opponunities are available for pharmacists, pharmacy students, and educators than ever before. The roles of pharmacists in interprofessional health care teams continue o evolve, as does their recognition by payers and policy makers. Pharmacists continue to transform the delivery of their services to accentuate the critical nature of publlc health and proactive health care. But with new opportunities also come challenges, including the challenge of how to manage the personal and professional resources necessary to succeed in today's ever-changing environment.  

Educators must not only keep up with changes in pharmacy practice, but also anticipate and prepare our students for opponunities and contingencies that will arise throughout their professional careers. In our efforts to best prepare students, pharmacy management educators have increasingly had to gather teaching materials from a variety of textbooks, journals, and other educational resources. This is due to the fact that many resources only focus on a specific management function (marketing, personnel, accounting, and finance) or a specific practice setting (independent pharmacies, hospital pharmacies). We believed that there would be value in a comprehensive pharmacy management textbook that covered many content areas and gathered a variety of resources into one text. We also aimed to develop a text that uses "evidence-based management"; that is, material derived from the best and most contemporary primary literature, but that which at the same time focuses on the appllcation of knowledge into skills that ph  macists will use every day.