Retesting of raw material SOP

1.0   PURPOSE:

1.1              To lay down a procedure for retesting of Raw Materials.

2.1       This SOP shall be applicable for retesting of Raw Materials at Stores Department.

3.1       Primary: Store officer.
3.2       Secondary: Assistant.

4.1       Head of the Department.

5.0      PROCEDURE:

5.1       Store person shall prepare himself every first week of the month.
5.2       Handover the one copy of the statement to Quality Control Department for information.
5.3       Transfer the material due for retest to respective “Quarantine” area, print and affix the “Quarantine” label on all containers/packs.
5.4       On release of the material, Quality Control shall affix the “Released” label on all the containers/packs.
5.5       Transfer the containers/packs from “Quarantine” to respective “Released” material area.
5.6       Note down the new retest date of materials in bin card.
5.7       In case any material not complies for retesting, QC personnel shall block the above stock from “Quality Inspection” to “Blocked” location and rejected label shall be affixed on all containers/packs of the consignment.
5.8       Transfer the rejected containers/packs to “Rejected Material Store” for further disposal after authorization from Unit Head and QA Head.

Expanded Form
Standard operating procedure
Inventory Control


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