Drain Cleaning In Production Area Sops

Drain Cleaning In Production Area Sops is applied pharmaceuticals production sectoin.

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It is established to provide a proper procedure for proper drain cleaning of Production area.


This procedure applies to all Production areas where liquid drainage is required


  • Production Supervisor
  • Production Workers
  • Production Pharmacist


Prepare a 10% Dettol solution (Chloroxylenol 4.8 % w/v) in a gallon / bucket.

After work completion on weekend, pour dettol solution into drain.

Let the solution lying in drain overnight & do not pass water.

Next day run RO water for 2 minutes.

Submit a sample of drain water to monitor microbial growth (if required).

In case of persistent bad smell, close the affected area & arrange for maintenance work.

Maintain cleaning record.


  • Head of Operation
  • Q.A Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Q.C Manager
  • Production Pharmacist

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