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Delmar's Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review

About Book

One of the most hastily developing fields nowadays is pharmaceutical therapeutics. This fast increase has created possibilities for a range of well-trained technical personnel: physician’s assistants, scientific assistants, nursing assistants, and pharmacy assistants. 

In fact, one of the most rap-idly increasing positions is that of the pharmacy assistant—now called, in most states, the pharmacy technician.

The developing demand for these educated technical personnel is due, in massive part, to the unexpectedly increasing region of drug lookup and drug discovery. 

The pharmacist actually does no longer have adequate time to hold up with latest advances in drug remedy and new dosage transport systems, and counseling sufferers and physicians, in addition to the different obligations such as drug dispensing, ordering, and the document retaining which is required by using law. 

This want for well-qualified technicians to function state-of-the-art responsibilities has created the requirement for a standardized examination to make sure that the technicians working inside a pharmacy uphold an ideal degree of information and integrity. 

Thus, a countrywide examination for the certification of pharmacy technicians has been created to exchange country certification examinations. The Pharmacy Certification Training Board (PCTB) administers this examination for certification of pharmacy technicians (CPhT). 

The excessive requirements and increasing difficulty of this examination have created a  want for a textual content which, in addition to being beneficial for the scholar of pharmacy technology, will tackle the primary elements of the examination, supplying information, a comprehensive review, and a groundwork for perception the ideas addressed in the examination. 

Delmar’s Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review was once written to fill this need. This textual content was once designed for a twofold purpose: to characteristic as a assessment for technicians acquainted with the fabric and to serve as a gaining knowledge of device each for college students of pharmacy science and for technicians who have been educated to function a constrained variety of obligations (such as inside a retail pharmacy). 

These technicians should now end up acquainted with broader concepts, such as pharmacology and superior pharmaceutical calculations, in order to end up certified.

The textual content is written in conversational style, to facilitate grasp of challenging standards amongst many ranges of readers. Foremost in the textual content is an examination of the activities techniques in the pharmacy: accepting prescriptions, developing affected person profiles, processing and filling prescriptions, and preserving inventory. 

This element of the textual content covers procedures in each the retail and institutional pharmacy settings, and presents comparisons between them. Special care has been taken to talk about now not solely the approaches themselves however the reasoning in the back of the procedures—why are they completed in a specific way? 

This strategy is no longer solely fundamental to recognize work inside a pharmacy however is indispensable to doing nicely on the certification examination.

A giant block of chapters dealing with pharmaceutical calculations has additionally been provided, which covers a massive range of sorts of calculations that will show up on the examination. 
These have been introduced in a simple, easy-to-understand manner, designed to take the concern out of math. Topics encompass no longer solely easy dosage conversions however intravenous calculations, pediatric dosages, compounding, and business calculations, as well. 
All math troubles are observed through a area containing the right solutions and a special clarification of the reasoning and calculations leading to the right answer. 
An whole chapter consisting solely of math problems, with solutions and worked-out solutions, is blanketed as well.
Among the evaluate cloth provided, the textual content includes a pretest, which will aid the reader in prioritizing cloth to evaluate and study. Each chapter starts off-evolved with a “Quick Study,” a concise precis define of the cloth inside the chapter, which is designed to accommodate readers at distinctive stages of knowledge. 
In addition, every chapter includes questions or issues to be labored out, with specified options and answers, which will assist the reader recognize the notion techniques that are vital to appreciation and effectively answering the questions on the examination. 
Finally, a pattern examination is included, with standardized reply sheets, such as these which will be used for the examination.
The writer of Delmar’s Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review, Dr. Patricia Anthony, is a training pharmacologist with superior stages in biology and pharmacology, and bachelor’s ranges in biology and pharmaceutical science. 
In addition, she holds a doctorate in pharmacology from New York Medical College. Before devoting full time to instructing and research, Dr. Anthony committed full time to clinical lookup as postdoctoral school inside Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts.