Pocket Medicine  The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Internal Medicine

Pocket Medicine  The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Internal Medicine

Written by residents, fellows, and attending. the mandate forPocket Medicine was to provide in 3 concise a manner as possible, the keyinformation a clinician needs for the initial approach to and management of themost common inpatient medical problems.The tremendous response to the previous editions suggests wewere able to help fill an important need for clinicians. With this sixthedition come several major improvements. We have updated every topicthoroughly. In particular, we have included the latest pharmacotherapy for acutecoronary syndrome s, heart failure, pulmonary hypertension. hepatitis C, HIV, anddiabetes, as well as the latest device basements for valvular heart disease,atrial fibrillation, and stroke. Recent paradigm shifts in the guidelines for hypertensionand cholesterol have been distilled and incorporated. We have expanded coverageof the molecular classification of malignancies and the corresponding biologictherapies. We have added new sections on mechanical circulatory support.angioedema, noninvasive ventilation.toxicology lung transplantation, GI  motility disorders. and thecardiorenal syndrome, just to name afew. We have also updated the section on Consults in which nonnternalnon internalmedicine specialists provide expert guidance in terms of establishing a differential diagnosis forcommon presenting symptom and initiating an evaluation in anticipa cion of calling a consult. Asalways, we have incorporated key references to the mostrecent high-tier reviews and important studies publishedright up to the time PocketMedicine w en t  topress. We come to any suggestions forfurther improvementOf course, medicine is far too vast a field to ever summarizein a textbook of any size. l on monographs have been devoted to many of thecopies discussed herein. Pocket Medicine is meant only as a starting point toguide one during the initial phases of diagnosis and management until one hastime to consult more definitiveresources. Although the record me nations herein are as evidence-based as possible. medicine is both a science and an art. As always, sound clinicaljudgment must be applied to every scenario.I am grateful for the support of the house officers, fellows,and attendings atthe Massach setts General Hospital. It is a privilege to work with such a knowledgeable, dedicated, and compassionate group ofphysicians. I always look back on my time there as Chief Resident as one ofthe best experiences I have ever had. Iam grateful to several outstanding clinical mentors, including Hasan Bazari,LarryFried man, Nesli Basgoz. Eric lsselbacher. Bill Dec. MikeFife r. and Roman DeSanctis, as well as the late Charlie McCa, be , Mo n:Swartz, and Peter Yurchak.This edition would not have been possible without the helpof Melinda Cuerda, my academic coordinator. She shepherded every aspect of theproject from start to finish. with an incredible eye to detai l to ensure thateach page of this book was the very best it could be.l mostly. special thanks to my parents for their perpetualencouragement and love and. of course, to my wife, Jennifer Tseng, who, despitebeing a surgeon,ls my closest advisor.my best friend, and the love of my IWe.I hope that you find Pocket Medicine useful through out the arduousarduo us but incredibly rewarding journey of practicing medicine


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