Quality Assurance and Quality Control in the Analytical Chemical Laboratory 

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The aim of this book is to provide practical information about quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) systems, including the definitions of all tools, an under-standing of their uses, and an increase in knowledge about the practical application of statistical tools during analytical data treatment. 

Although this book is primarily designed for students and teachers, it may also prove useful to the scientific community, particularly among those who are interested in QA/QC. With its comprehensive coverage, this book can be of particular interest to researchers in the industry and academia, as well as government agencies and legislative bodies.

The theoretical part of the book contains information on questions relating to quality control systems.

The practical part includes more than 80 examples relating to validation parameter measurements, using statistical tests, calculation of the margin of error, estimating uncertainty, and so on. For all examples, a constructed calculation datasheet (Excel) is attached, which makes problem solving easier.

The eResource files available to readers of this text contain more than 80 Excel datasheet files, each consisting of three main components: Problem, Data, and Solution. In some cases, additional data, such as graphs and conclusions, are also included. After saving an Excel file on the hard disk, it is possible to use it on different data sets. It should be noted that in order to obtain correct calculations, it is necessary to use it appropriately. The user’s own data should be copied only into yellow marked cells (be sure that your data set fits the appropriate datasheet). Solution data will be calculated and can be read from green marked cells.

We hope that with this book, we can contribute to a better understanding of all problems connected with QA/QC.


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