Drug Information Handbook For Dentistry 25th Edition pdf free download

Drug Information Handbook For Dentistry 25th Edition 

Drug Information Handbook For Dentistry 25th Edition

The Oral Medicine chapters have been updated offering a clearly highlighted selection of common dental office prescription choices and Rx examples for management of common oral conditions often encountered during patient care. These example prescriptions have been updated and are presented in a stand-alone section for quicker reference.

The editors of the 25th edition of the Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry are extremely proud that the book remains as popular and as successful as its readers have affirmed. We thank each practitioner and student who has made the previous editions so widely accepted in the field of dentistry. In this new 25th edition, we have responded to all of the comments and creative suggestions that come from our readership each year. We know that our text remains the premier companion to the daily practice of dentistry and that it complements Oral Medicine and medical reference libraries that every clinician has available in their office. The latest Guidelines for Antimicrobial Stewardship endorsed by the ADA have been added, including the guideline effects on the management of patients at risk of endocarditis or those with joint prostheses. The chapter related to the dentist's involvement with the cancer patient now has an expanded section for salivary testing for HPV and HPV vaccines as well as addresses diagnoic testing in the dental office. Stand-alone sections have been updated for the crucial topics of Antiplatelet and Anticoagulation Considerations in Dentistry, adding information on the newly approved reversal agent for one of the novel anticoagulation drugs. Medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ) information has been updated. Recommended readings have been edited for chapter subsections. Sections have been expanded and added related to prescribing medications with NSAIDs including their risk association with MI and stroke, acetaminophen, and sarcoidosis. Prescribing information options are outlined and are available for easy cross-referencing for the busy dental practitioner.

There have been expanded discussions inserted of how opioid prescribing guidelines and non-narcotic alternative medication choices can be prudently evaluated by dentists to manage acute and chronic oral pain. The monographs now include over 1,500 drugs and these have been updated in the 25th edition with the fields expanded in common monographs to make them easier to read and identify for all of the drugs. The fields most important to practicing dentists have been enhanced. The drugs most commonly used in dentistry have the added fields regarding specific use considerations in dentistry. Medical drugs also include dosing and dose formulation information. In addition, the adverse reaction section and the important uses and effects on dental treatment for all drugs have been updated throughout the text.

In addition to the extensive information presented, we are confident that the dental practitioners and dental hygienists who utilize the text will find the size format to be easy to navigate. The complete cross-referencing of generic and brand names along with the foreign brands, makes the text the truly complete drug reference guide for dental practice. The alphabetical index at the back of the text continues to guide the reader through the text. The natural products section; drug synonyms; and US, Canadian, and Mexican brand names have all been updated. We hope that the active general dentist, the specialist, the dental hygienist, and the advanced student of dentistry remain better prepared for patient care while using this new 25th edition of the DIHD.


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