SHAREX Laboratories Ltd. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative medical treatments utilizing its proprietary drug delivery systems.
The Company's primary emphasis is on advancing its pharmaceutical technology platform for site-specific and systemic drug delivery. Designed to release drugs over a period of hours, days, weeks or even months. A variety of injectible and implantable applications are undergoing feasibility testing to address major unmet needs in pain management, inflammation, oncology, ophthalmology, device coating and other medical fields.

Production Activities

Our factory is well equipped with modern machines and equipments to manufacture high quality Injectables, Tablets, Medicinal Syrups, Opthalmics and Galenicals.

For manufacturing best quality Pharmaceutical products, Sharex confine to the G.M.P. Provisions, as laid down under Pakistan Drug Rules 1976.

Quality Control Department

Staffed by flight brains and equipped with the advanced test apparatus, our quality control department ensure the manufacture of reliable products by means of multistage close examination system verifying from raw-material, in process to final packaging.

National Network

We have our offices spreading all over the country and have an excellent net work of distribution.

Detailmen at our branch offices provide useful drug information services to physicians and other health care professionals. Personal selling efforts are coordinated and supported by proper advertising campaigns and other sales promotion activities such as setting up of store displays, participating in trade shows and exhibitions and using samples or premiums.

Marketing & Sales Promotion

Our marketing department manage sales very systematically. Quarter wise sales conference are regularly held to make a through analysis of company’s existing situations its markets, its competition, the products, the distribution channels and the promotional programes. The process continues with management determining the objectives, selecting the appropriate strategies and tactics and then periodically evaluating the operating results.

Registered Name: Sharex Laboratories (Pvt)

DML # 000079

Address:  KLP Road, Sadiqabad, District Rahimyar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan

Human Resources

Business Development

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