Workbook Checklist

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Workbook page
The Workbook is bound, with consecutively numbered pages

Workbook is numbered and labelled with Analysts name and 1st test date

³Contents´ page is filled in with: title, date, page number and comments

Name, Inspection lot number or Batch No. of product tested

Testing date

Raw data (weights, volumes, etc.)

Name of equipment system used (when several possibilities available), e.g. Balance, pH meter, Oven

Number of Control Method used

Entries neat and legible, in Blue or Black ink

Corrections neatly crossed out, initialled, dated and reason for correction noted (e.g. EE)

No scribbles or liquid paper

No pencil, no Red pen, no scraps of paper

Manual calculations shown & double checked for accuracy daily

Workbook reviewed 3-monthly

Chemicals used: Manufacturer, Lot no, Expiry Date, date container opened - all noted

Primary and Secondary Standards: Batch No., code, Expiry
Date, assay - all noted

HPLC/GC column Serial number noted

Printouts are attached securely to Workbook and are initialled and dated

Each page signed and dated

³Continued on page´, ³Continued from´, pages filled in

³Notebook No.´ and ³Project´ headings at top of page filled in

FOR AUDITS BY LAB MANAGER Logical Flow Of Experiment

Period Workbook Reviewed:
Workbook Belonging to:
Book Number(s):

Reviewer Name and initial:

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