Employee Signature Register

For all  employees  who work in the Manufacturing   Division   it  is a  requirement  of the Good Manufacturing Practice to have a record of their signature and initials. Only the signature and initials that are entered on this register are permitted to be written on GMP documents.

This form will be issued by QA division with and to be updated in every two years.

A GMP document is a legal document. Your signature and / or initials on a GMP document mean that you have performed the task in accordance with documented requirements and any deviations have been recorded.

You are only permitted to sign or initial a document if you have been trained to perform the task. Do not sign or initial a document if you have not performed the task.
You are not permitted to sign some one elses name or initials.

Please fill in the sections below and return the form to the QA Office.

Name (printed)




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