Chemical Waste Disposal

Place all waste in plastic drums. For any flammable waste that has not already been diluted, dilute before placing into appropriate waste drums.

Waste Disposal Container
Type Of Waste
All Halogenated waste (organic and inorganic), e.g. Chloroform,
Dichloromethane, Iodine, Bromine, etc.
Acetonitrile & Cyanide waste
Acetonitrile and other Cyanides, e.g. Potassium Ferricyanide Solution and
other TLC sprays, etc.

Pyridine waste
NB. Please rinse glassware with dilute acid, and then throw washings into Waste bottle too.

Diethyl Ether waste
Evaporate Diethyl Ether waste by placing in Fume cupboard.

NB. Never light any flames and always place sign ³No Flames´ to warn others of presence of Ether.

Other Organic waste
Alcohols, Petroleum Ether, Toluene, etc. No Pyridine or Diethyl Ether.
Heavy Metal waste
Silver, Lead, Cadmium, Vanadium, Iron, Titanium, Palladium, Chromium,
Zinc, etc.

Oxidising agents
Type A ± Permanganates (no Dichromates to be stored in this drum)

Type B - Peroxides

Type C - Chromic acid
Each type is to be placed into a SEPARATE  Waste Drum.
Thio and Sulphide Inorganic waste
Hydrogen Sulphide, Thioacetamide, etc.
NB. For H2S waste: Please rinse glassware with dilute Sodium
Hydroxide, then throw washing into the Waste bottle too.

Other Inorganic waste
Test Solutions
Mercury waste
Mercury only

Dilute acids and bases, Buffers, Salts, Colour Solutions (Dyes), Standards
(1-10ppm), etc.

Poisonous Substances
Dichromates and Arsenic compounds (not compatible with

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